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Booted Dudes is a podcast all about Doomtown: Reloaded. Its hosts Hans and Michael talk about their experiences with the game, the fluff of the Weird West and general card game concepts. The show goes live on every high noon (once a month).
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Dec 14, 2015

In the spirit of the christmas Season, the Booted Dudes have invited their first guest, Mathew Endress aka Willingdone, for an extra-long episode. Together, the three talk about what draw structures are possible in DT:R as of now and what other considerations you should keep in mind when building your decks, so that you can spend your well-earned christmas vacation coming up with new ideas to shake up your local meta. Next year will hold some surprises the Booted Dudes want to share with you in the coming episode, so stay tuned. Merry X-Mas and a happy New Year, everybody!

Show Topics

1:23 Introduction: Who is Willingdone? (

14:18 Draw Structures I: Pros and cons of...

14:35 ...16-16-16 (4-of-a-kind/Full House)

24:49 ...Straight Flush

32:52 ...Dead Man's Hand

40:26 Draw Structures II: Considering Pulls

48:50 ...Or Kung Fu

53:30 A look at the Card Pool in DT:R as of now

55:14 - CONTEST WINNER: Your most Harrowing Game of DT:R

58:53 The official Willingdone Christmas Season closing Speech (TM)

Nov 1, 2015


It is the time when deaders roam the streets of the weird west. Today, Hans and Michael talk about all things harrowed and there's a new contest. Happy Harroween everybody!

Show Topics

1:45 Confused Ramblings about the Delorian from Back To The Future

3:03 News: Team Covenant DT:R coverage (

4:00 Things we’ve been playing wrong

6:58 Blessed Contest: The WINNER

8:03 Official Spoiler: Zachary Deloria (

12:25 „Flesh“: The Story of Jasper Stone

21:53 „Flesh“: So You Are Harrowed? Things You need to know about your new (un-


27:23 „Bones“: The Harrowed Trait and Harrowed Dudes (and possibly Cows) in DT:R

38:23 - NEW CONTEST - Send us the story of your most „Harrowing“ game of DT:R and get a rare art print with Jasper Stone looking Badass

40:10 Errata - Things about Kung Fu we messed up last time!

Oct 13, 2015

Ok, I was initially going to call this episode "Unstoppable Hans, Immovable Michael", but that just sounded wrong on so many levels...

Also, the Blessed Deck Competition is still running until October 14th. So send in your Blessed Deck to and receive a chance to win your own custom playmat!


Show Topics

2:07 New Ruling: Unprepared

4:55 News: Light Shineth Release, SPIEL, and Willingdone Coverage

6:38 "Flesh": Powers & Factions in the Great Maze

13:20 "Flesh": Shao-Lin traditions in the Great Maze

17:38 "Bones": Faction Focus - 108 Righteous Bandits

29:55 "Bones": Faction Focus - Eagle Wardens

43:38 Announcement: Special Episode in November!

Sep 27, 2015

THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YE! BEGONE, SPAWN OF DARKNESS! Oh, wait, it's just a Booted Dude with the sniffles. Sorry, did you get any holy water on your face? You might wanna wash your fancy new hat tomorrow...


Show Topics

2:49 Blessed Dudes

16:14 "Flesh": The Great Quake & Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, Spoiler-free

19:52 "Flesh": Metaplot Spoiler Territory!

24:38 "Bones": Tutoring Effects in DT:R

46:52 Bonus: Decklist Competition! Send in your Blessed Deck to


and win this custom playmat, delivered to your doorstep:

Good luck pardners!

Next time, we'll be playing shao-lin cowboys & indians for you!

- The Booted Dudes


Aug 24, 2015

"No, 'tis perfectly safe, m'Lady! It's 100% steam-controlled, faster than a horse and less noisy than a bobcat. That screeching sound? T'is funny you ask, really. See, the Bauxite in Ghost rock reacts with the trapped air within, by whose emission an almost wailing sound is created. See, everything can be explained through Science alone..."


Show topics:

3:35 Reader Mail!

10:25 Cards we liked: Nightmares At Noon

21:58 "Flesh": The Deadlands Story of Mad Science

31:13 "Bones": The Mechanics of Mad Science in DT:R

38:12 The Philosophy of Clown Carriages


Don't forget to go to the Sheriff Event in Budapest on September 12th!

Check it out here:

Music by WellBad (

and sometimes by Ta Techneta (

Thanks for listening!

- The Booted Dudes

Jul 21, 2015

In this episode, the Booted Dudes talk about:

1:10 Listener Mail and Corrections for mistakes on Episode 1

5:20 Fluff: Manitous

13:36 Spoilers: Shane & Graves

21:15 Main Topic: Card Advantage

38:38 Announcement: Winner of Huckster Decklist Competition

Jun 25, 2015

In this special episode of the Booted Dudes Show, Hans and Michael take the Railroad Station to Bochum and talk about what decks they play, their expectations and hopes for the day. On the way back they talk about how things went and what players they got to play against.

Also, there is random crying babies, trains passing and squeaky doors moving about in the background. Please note that this is not our usual standard of audio quality, so if you're looking for that, you might first listen to some other, regular episodes.

Jun 21, 2015

Howdy, pardner!

In this episode, the Booted dudes

(2:08) look at some spoilers for the upcoming Saddlebag

(9:30) tell the story of Edmond Hoyle and what being a huckster is like

(22:40) compare all the hucksters in the game that are suited for starting posses

(35:11) muse about how the hexes released so far and pull difficulties interact

(38:43) announce the first ever Booted Dudes promo giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, just send your favourite huckster deck to, ideally with some text explaining why it's good/fun/ridicolous and how it should be played. Everyone who sends in at least one deck can win 2 alt-art Pistol Whips! Please send your entries until the 12th of July! The winner will receive an e-mail and an announcement on the next episode as well as a breakdown of his deck.


Feedback of any sort is greatly appreciated, as are written or star-based reviews on iTunes. See you tomorrow, at High Noon!

Jun 17, 2015

Howdy, pardner!


In this very zeroth episode of the Booted Dudes Podcast, we tell you how long we have been gaming, what our favourite games are and what this podcast is gonna be about.

See you at High Noon!


- The Booted Dudes