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Booted Dudes is a podcast all about Doomtown: Reloaded. Its hosts Hans and Michael talk about their experiences with the game, the fluff of the Weird West and general card game concepts. The show goes live on every high noon (once a month).
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Oct 28, 2017

In today's episode, the Dudes discuss (in this order)

- How Booted they are

- The outcome of the Kickstarter "There comes a reckoning"

- Upcoming Tournaments

- Listener Mail

- Why "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper" is a thing

- Their first experiences with two of the four servitors: Dr. Darius Hellstromme and Grimme.


And here's the rules for the variant Muad Dib has sent in:

The Sloane Gang Starts with the outfit "The Sloane Gang" as their starting home and Charlie's Place (for free).
Angelica Espinosa (cost 3) starts perched at Charlie's Place.
The Law Dogs start with 'Law Dogs' as their outfit and Hustings (for free). 
Sheriff Dave Montreal (cost 9) starts at Hustings.
The remaining ghost rock from both sides is used to pay for dudes that will be placed at their respective outfits like in the regular game.
Place Wilber Crowley and Roderick Byre in Town Square.
They are under the control of the Law Dogs and act like normal dudes in all ways except:
1. Politicians cannot call out dudes. 
2. Politicians can be called out anywhere (*including the Law Dogs home).
3. If a Politician is discarded, they are aced instead. The Leader of the opposing shootout gets a permanent +2 control point bonus. (use +1 for a longer game).
Sep 13, 2017


In this episode, the Dudes read the first ever "Tales from the Epitaph" and the winner of a Deadlands Dice Bag is determined.

For our main topic, we take a close look at the kickstarter currently running and try to give help to people who are new to Doomtown:Reloaded or Kickstarter Projects or just aren't sure yet what to pledge for.

NEW PLAYERS: Our discussion about pledges for new DT:R players and what add-ons might be the most important is at around the 35:30 mark!


Jul 31, 2017


Today, the dudes discuss the whole of the weird west, give away a dice puch and ramble about the upcoming kickstarter!

Jun 30, 2017

This is a Hold-Up! Hands up and surrender those nice decks you cowpokes got there to us. In small, unmarked bags. Thank you, pleasure doing business with you.

Today, the Dudes sit down to play three matches with three cool decks they grabbed from Hear about their experiences, their tweaks to the decks and why YOU should also play them! Spoiler alert: They are really fun to play!


Do you want to see the decks we talk about while listening? You can find them (in this order) here:


Tell us about your experiences with these decks! Or with your decks! Just send us your decks in, for Pete's sake. This is a Hold-Up, after all.

May 31, 2017

Howdy! Today the Dudes talk about some spoilers that appeared on the Pinebox Entertainment Facebook Site, and then digress to what their other favourite games are at the moment. How do YOU spend your boardgaming time while waiting for the DT:R kickstarter? Let us know!

Mar 12, 2017

Howdy! Today, we have not one, not two, but three outstanding guests from over at Pinebox entertainment! Alex, Emre and David are there to answer all the questions we have about the future for Doomtown:Reloaded. Get your news right here, straight from the Mustang's mouth!

Mar 2, 2017


After a few months, the Dudes are back in town! Coincidentally, an official continuation of Doomtown:Reloaded has been announced by Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Pinebox Entertainment.

Also, have you heard about the newest errata? There's gonna be some changes around town...

Nov 14, 2016


Today, Hans and Michael travel to Copenhagen once again to find out who will be the next sheriff.

Inbetween we give you a snapshot of the current Copenhagen meta.

Much fun was had! Special thanks to Anders and Benni for being such awesome hosts!

Oct 12, 2016


Today, Hans and Michael are joined by Richard Carter from the Great Maze, who has a lot of facts and fun anecdotes to share about the days of Doomtown:Classic. 
Next episode we'll cover the latest reader mails we got, promise!
Enjoy this delve into the days of old, when Harrowed still was a thing and Jackalopes could ruin your day in Gomorra if you were one of the shady sorts who cheat at poker.

Sep 1, 2016


This episode features the conclusion of our recent talk with Mat aka Willingdone via Skype. We talk about card game archetypes, what implications that knowledge can have on your playstyle and deckbuilding skills and why deedslide totally wrecks the usual card game meta discussions.

You can find willingdone on

You can buy our custom playmat at

And we're on facebook at

Once we reach 100 likes there will be 4 alt art card giveaways (randomly selected)!

Aug 21, 2016



Today the Booted Dudes once again have a special guest and start spitballing ideas about how DT:R will continue next year, what has led us to this point and why we love good box inserts. Come back next time for the second part of our talk with Mat. Enjoy!


You can find us at:

or buy our playmat at:


Jul 2, 2016

Dear Listeners,

worry not! We will not cease podcasting. However, DT:R itself will make a grand exit at the end of this year, after which no more content will be produced. This recording was made before the news dropped, so feel free to bask in our unbroken optimism when we foolishly discuss what we think the storyline will be after this whole Hawley thing blows over...

May 14, 2016


Have you heard before about the changes to the rules and card errata tking effect on June 1st? Let us know at or visit our page,!

2:14 - Reader Mail

7:20 - New Spoiler: Maggie Harris (link:

13:43 - Main Topic: the new Errata & Rules Changes

41:52 - Self-Promotion time! Throw money in our Disgenuine Currency Press by buying a fancy new playmat in a slick design! Find it here:


As always, above everything we'd love to hear from you. What's your favourite Doomtown-story? Tell us about your favourite card! Who's your favourite Booted Dude?

Apr 28, 2016


In this episode, the Booted Dude Michael gives a newbie-friendly introduction to the Den of Thieves-deck that is part of the first Deck Duels series. Apart from tips on how to play this deck there's also a section about how this deck could be improved with more cards from the cardpool available, and into which archetypes it could be shifted.

It's best to have the deck in front of you when you listen to this episode!


Link to the Deck duels deck:

Link to the expanded deck:


Apr 24, 2016

Howdy! Today the Booted Dudes check out the Copenhagen Meta! Enjoy.

Mar 30, 2016

Howdy! Today, we present you with a way to get new players into the world of DTR: The DDD 100! That's not a QUATERMAN-firmware update, but the Doomtown Deck Duels (for less than 100$).

For that amount of money, a new player can throw together two decks that are fun to play against each other and that hold up when you enter your local meetup for the first time. Or you are a seasoned player, but your decks are all too complicated and janky, so you can build these decks quickly for the next time you invite someone over who wants to be introduced to DT:R.

You will need 1x Core Set, 1x Dirty Deeds, 1x Nightmare At Noon and 1x The Light Shineth to build these decks:


1:36 Reader Mail (Filip's event:

3:16 Recent Rulings: Jia Mein Exp. 1

7:50 Problems we have when introducing new players to DT:R

14:00 FLESH: Some Sloane History

23:00 BONES: The DDD100 (Doomtown Deck Duels for 100$) system

24:00 Hans' Crusaders breakdown

31:40 Den of Michaels breakdown

You can find our Playmat design at:

Please consider writing a review on iTunes! Every time you rate us, Harry Somerset hangs an outlaw!

Mar 25, 2016

Link to the Card: (Facebook)


Howdy! Today Hans (and sometimes Michael) discuss the latest AEG spoiler they received, the animal-and-Marty-loving Francisco Rosales. Enjoy!


Please leave your feedback, comments or shootout-callouts at or

Feb 26, 2016

Link to the card (on fb):

Howdy! As a little February Bonus, here's a card from the upcoming Pine Box, expected to hit stores on March 28ths. 

The Spoiler minisodes are a new format we want to upload separately from our main episodes for timing reasons. Feel free to send us your opinion on this matter to

Show Topics:

0:46 - Card Description & general analysis

1:45 - Comparison of this card to similar weapon effects

4:22 - Decks in which this card might fit in

6:05 - Notable combos/synergies

8:56 - Conclusion

Feb 5, 2016

Howdy! In the second half of our retroprospect, Hans and Michael talk about their New Year's Resolutions, what familiar faces are to be found in the Classic Doomtown RPG supplement, and how Cheatin' Resolutions balance the game.

Show Topics:

2:10 - New Year's Ramblings

5:34 - Official Spoiler: The Place

12:40 - Boardgame-related New Year's Resolutions

19:00 - Flesh: Familiar Faces in Doomtown:Classic

27:30 - Reader Mail

30:40 - Bones: Cheatin' Resolutions

Jan 30, 2016

Howdy! Happy new year! The Booted Dudes celebrate the arrival of 2016 with a double-feature episode. This here first half is going to look back into the past of Doomtown:Reloaded, while the next episode will focus on everything the new year might bring. 2016's gonna be good!


Show notes:

1:21 - What we did on our Christmas vacations

4:08 - Flesh: The Founding Myth of Gomorra

18:15 - Bones: The year 2015 in Review

38:15 - The state of the game right now

Dec 14, 2015

In the spirit of the christmas Season, the Booted Dudes have invited their first guest, Mathew Endress aka Willingdone, for an extra-long episode. Together, the three talk about what draw structures are possible in DT:R as of now and what other considerations you should keep in mind when building your decks, so that you can spend your well-earned christmas vacation coming up with new ideas to shake up your local meta. Next year will hold some surprises the Booted Dudes want to share with you in the coming episode, so stay tuned. Merry X-Mas and a happy New Year, everybody!

Show Topics

1:23 Introduction: Who is Willingdone? (

14:18 Draw Structures I: Pros and cons of...

14:35 ...16-16-16 (4-of-a-kind/Full House)

24:49 ...Straight Flush

32:52 ...Dead Man's Hand

40:26 Draw Structures II: Considering Pulls

48:50 ...Or Kung Fu

53:30 A look at the Card Pool in DT:R as of now

55:14 - CONTEST WINNER: Your most Harrowing Game of DT:R

58:53 The official Willingdone Christmas Season closing Speech (TM)

Nov 1, 2015


It is the time when deaders roam the streets of the weird west. Today, Hans and Michael talk about all things harrowed and there's a new contest. Happy Harroween everybody!

Show Topics

1:45 Confused Ramblings about the Delorian from Back To The Future

3:03 News: Team Covenant DT:R coverage (

4:00 Things we’ve been playing wrong

6:58 Blessed Contest: The WINNER

8:03 Official Spoiler: Zachary Deloria (

12:25 „Flesh“: The Story of Jasper Stone

21:53 „Flesh“: So You Are Harrowed? Things You need to know about your new (un-


27:23 „Bones“: The Harrowed Trait and Harrowed Dudes (and possibly Cows) in DT:R

38:23 - NEW CONTEST - Send us the story of your most „Harrowing“ game of DT:R and get a rare art print with Jasper Stone looking Badass

40:10 Errata - Things about Kung Fu we messed up last time!

Oct 13, 2015

Ok, I was initially going to call this episode "Unstoppable Hans, Immovable Michael", but that just sounded wrong on so many levels...

Also, the Blessed Deck Competition is still running until October 14th. So send in your Blessed Deck to and receive a chance to win your own custom playmat!


Show Topics

2:07 New Ruling: Unprepared

4:55 News: Light Shineth Release, SPIEL, and Willingdone Coverage

6:38 "Flesh": Powers & Factions in the Great Maze

13:20 "Flesh": Shao-Lin traditions in the Great Maze

17:38 "Bones": Faction Focus - 108 Righteous Bandits

29:55 "Bones": Faction Focus - Eagle Wardens

43:38 Announcement: Special Episode in November!

Sep 27, 2015

THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YE! BEGONE, SPAWN OF DARKNESS! Oh, wait, it's just a Booted Dude with the sniffles. Sorry, did you get any holy water on your face? You might wanna wash your fancy new hat tomorrow...


Show Topics

2:49 Blessed Dudes

16:14 "Flesh": The Great Quake & Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, Spoiler-free

19:52 "Flesh": Metaplot Spoiler Territory!

24:38 "Bones": Tutoring Effects in DT:R

46:52 Bonus: Decklist Competition! Send in your Blessed Deck to


and win this custom playmat, delivered to your doorstep:

Good luck pardners!

Next time, we'll be playing shao-lin cowboys & indians for you!

- The Booted Dudes


Aug 24, 2015

"No, 'tis perfectly safe, m'Lady! It's 100% steam-controlled, faster than a horse and less noisy than a bobcat. That screeching sound? T'is funny you ask, really. See, the Bauxite in Ghost rock reacts with the trapped air within, by whose emission an almost wailing sound is created. See, everything can be explained through Science alone..."


Show topics:

3:35 Reader Mail!

10:25 Cards we liked: Nightmares At Noon

21:58 "Flesh": The Deadlands Story of Mad Science

31:13 "Bones": The Mechanics of Mad Science in DT:R

38:12 The Philosophy of Clown Carriages


Don't forget to go to the Sheriff Event in Budapest on September 12th!

Check it out here:

Music by WellBad (

and sometimes by Ta Techneta (

Thanks for listening!

- The Booted Dudes

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